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That gal in the photo over there is me, Angela Blake! I am the owner of Angela Blake Boudoir located in Northwest Arkansas!

The very first boudoir session I shot was in Fall 2014. By January 2016 I began dropping all other types of sessions. Now, I exclusively specialize in boudoir.


To be honest, I didn't mean for boudoir to become my full time job, but I kept shooting it and realized how much fun I was having! It was amazing it to meet all of these women who are so different, and also to see how much we all have in common. I love to hear all of the stories and to understand what a boudoir session means to each woman.


We are all wives, lovers, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends, and we are all aware of the expectations we are given to live up to. But also, we are all women that need to own our bodies. We are all women that need to love and make time for ourselves and women that need to value all what we have to offer the world.


Boudoir isn't just about sexy photos for our significant other. It is about slowing down, playing dress-up, spending some time on ourselves, and taking gorgeous photos that remind us of who we are. Boudoir is an experience that you will look back on and smile because you were bold enough, you did it for yourself, and you kicked ass at it!



Angela Blake, owner and photographer for Angela Blake Boudoir

Tidbits about me:



-I moved to NWA in 2011 with my husband, before that I lived in Southeast Oklahoma.


-We have 5 kiddos between the two of us. I call them my Kittens.


-We homeschool.


-I absolutely love beer and hot wings (hot foods in general really)!


-I drink black coffee all day long.


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